A Lesson Learned

Last week I taught a children’s Sunday School class. But, I’m pretty sure I was the one most impacted by the lesson. 

It was about when Jesus healed ten lepers. Because the disease was infectious, with open sores and often crippling deformities, the victims were considered to be unclean. Consequently, they became instant  outcasts. Not only did they  suffer horrific physical symptoms, they also experienced devasting emotional and psychological effects as a result of the enforced isolation. 

Can you even fathom what that would have been like? To have to leave everyone you love–never being able to give or receive even a hug?

Then, they saw Jesus. They’d heard about all the miracles He’d performed. From the required distance, they began yelling–begging him to heal them. 

Immediately, Jesus had compassion on them. He instructed them to go and show themselves to the priest. They would be the one else who could declare them clear on each more. As they walked, an amazing transformation happened. The sores, and every other debilitating effect of the dreaded disease, simply disappeared!

I became animated as I was describing the scene to the children. Suddenly, I could imagine what it must have been like. To look down and actually watch fingers grow back— skin becoming soft and supple. For a moment, I was overwhelmed.

I asked the kids to guess how many of the lepers returned to thank Jesus. After hearing about such an incredible, life-altering miracle, initially they said all 10. It took a joule of tries to whittle the number down to only one. ONE. 

How could they have been so ungrateful? Why wouldn’t they have run back with an overwhelming sense of gratitude? 

Then, I was faced with the truth. How am I any different? Chances are, those men had simply moved on, immediately returning to family and friends. They didn’t take the time to pause and say “thank you” to the One responsible for their new life.

How many times have I done the same thing? Cried out to the Lord, imploring Him to intervene in my circumstances? But then, when He answers my prayer, am I not equally guilty about how quickly I can move on, in essense taking the “healing” in stride? As though somehow I deserved it? 

Suddenly, I was confronted with my own ingratitude. And my need to change. To stop and actually take the time to genuinely thank God for each and every miracle that unfolds before me on a daily basis. 

How about you? Will you join me in praising the Lord for the healing He has done in your own life? Let’s start being more aware of all the amazing blessings that we take for granted and give God the praise He deserves!


From My Heart


Today, my heart is hurting for all those who have experienced a past abortion. Because I know the truth…abortion hurts.

With the politically charged atmosphere, perhaps more than ever before, abortion is in the forefront. Angry words are being posted—even shouted—everywhere you turn. I can only imagine that for someone who is already suffering from an abortion, this would be like pouring salt into an open wound.

But this isn’t about politics. It’s about people. The life within the womb is not the only casualty to be considered. Abortion creates a tremendous ripple effect, not only for the woman but also for those closest to her.

If abortion has impacted your life in some way, I hope you’ll read Mary’s Story.  Mary (not her real name), was on her way to a successful career. Then she discovered she was pregnant. In her desperation, she chose abortion because it appeared to be the least painful choice. But instead of relief, there was only a sea of pain and loss … until Mary discovered an unexpected way to heal.

I hope this story touches your heart as much as it did mine.

To read the other six real-life stories from Ribbon of Redemption: true stories offering hope and healing after abortion, you can go to my website at jennyafarrell.com.

Read Mary’s Story here.

Celebrating this Life—Anticipating the Next



This past Monday marked a major landmark for me. On October 3, 2005, my heart stopped beating.

I’d arrived at the ER by ambulance because of severe chest pain and shortness of breath. After a few tests, the doctors believed I had a significant cardiac blockage and ordered a routine angiogram. Yet, despite the images which revealed healthy arteries, I went into a fatal arrhythmia.

For seven minutes my heart stopped. Despite all the cardiac team’s efforts, nothing seemed to make any difference. Then, just when hope was fading, my heart began to beat again. Still, there was grave concern that I had sustained significant neurological damage.

I can’t remember what happened to me while I was “gone.” All I know is that while the medical staff fought for my life, and my family and friends cried out for my healing, I was somehow with God in a very intimate way.

After hours in the ICU without any movement on my right side, suddenly, all stroke-like symptoms disappeared. In spite of all that had happened, there was absolutely no permanent damage!

Even though I have no concrete memory of what took place that day, since then there have been moments when I’ve been overwhelmed with a profound sense of “missing” the Lord. Times when I have felt desperate to go back to what I once knew … to be far from all the darkness and struggles that are part of living on this planet. Yet it’s clear that God still has plans for me to accomplish. There’s a reason I’m still here.

That’s just as true for you. Do you know what would happen to you if your heart stopped? Do you know where you would be if it didn’t resume beating? That is the most important question ever to have settled.

Or perhaps you’ve given your heart to Jesus, but you’ve lost touch with what a gift this life you’ve been given can be. It’s time to fully embrace your destiny.

Eleven years ago could have been my permanent exit from this life and my entrance into the next. I have no fear of death. I know that because I have trusted in what Jesus did for me on the cross, I have a place waiting for me with Him in heaven. And although I desperately love my family and friends, and deeply enjoy the work I’m privileged to be a part of, I long for the day when I will finally be in my Savior’s presence, where there is “fullness of joy.”

I pray that I will see you there too.





Everyone Has a Story


sitting in the hand tree


Ever since the beginning of December, I’ve been on a wild ride. That’s when I began collecting and writing the deeply personal stories contained in my book, Ribbon of Redemption: true stories offering hope and healing after abortion. Because it was an all-consuming process, it became necessary to “unplug” from all distractions.

However, whenever I actually emerged from my “cave” I was surprised to discover how many others wanted to write a book as well. Buried within many of us is a desire to communicate something of meaning beyond our circle of influence.

 I get that. The truth is—everyone has a story. We have all experienced life in a unique way. Yet at the same time, there is a common thread to which we can all relate.

After writing several individual life journeys for Ribbon of Redemption, I find myself frequently saying, “I would love to write your story!” People fascinate me; particularly when they are able to be gut-level and have found a measure of healing.

I would like to encourage you to be brave. To take that first step towards sharing part of your story. You may not write a book that contains something very personal, but every day your story continues to unfold. Why not share it with someone you trust?